Cryptocurrency Market Making
with Low-latency Trading Engine


Institutional Grade Engine

TradeNow's proprietary algorithmic engine

Major Crypto Exchanges

Direct access to major cryptocurrency exchanges, and API integration of institutional grade performance

Professional Tools

Our tools provide you 5x transactions than average

Risk Control

Configurable trading strategy engine and mechanism for risk control


Role of Market Makers

The concept of market making services have been introduced for a long time in the financial trading industry. The purpose of market making service is to provide the liquidity with all aspects such as inventory management, risk control and trading operations.

Market maker’s role is to develop a healthy and active market for both takers and makers and place multiple limit orders in the order book to increase the depth.

Increasing Market Depth

Market makers add limit orders to the order book increasing available market depth and ensure the cryptocurrency can be traded fast without compromising its price.

We setup liquidity algorithms for every single market pair, and create efficient market mechanisms for both investors and exchanges.


Trading Strategy

Our strategy and algorithm engine allows you to build your own trading strategies.

Various Order Type

Our trading engine can place orders with various market making parameters such as Depth Distribution, Price Check, and other order types.

Integrated with Exchanges

Our software already support major cryptocurrency exchanges, and we can build new connectivity to other exchanges.